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Indigenous Youth Program

  • Intake of New Guests
  • Informal Counseling
  • Recreational Planning
  • Tutoring
  • Outdoor Recreation


  • News Research
  • Editing
  • Social Media Content
  • Film/Print Production
  • Publishing
  • Layout


  • Branding
  • Research markets
  • Tailor marketing plan
  • Price analysis
  • Target audience
  • Evaluate merchandise

Event Planning

  • Social media outreach
  • Appointment setting
  • Event design
  • Online marketing
  • Customer service
  • Team building

Animal Care

  • Feeding
  • Visitor Interpretation
  • Ground Care
  • Animal Records
  • Administration

Custom Internship

Don’t see your perfect match? We may be able to setup marine research, music and other topics on request. Just let us know your dream placement.

Meet Natasha!

Hi Guys! I’m Natasha from New York. I am on my Gap Year with Interim Programs and they introduced me to Dr. David Adams and the Institute for Global Studies. I just spent a month interning for IGS in Sydney. It fell into place perfectly as I always dreamed of living in Sydney and IGS had a research position for their Intern Down Under program. I worked directly with David to set up a really cool places to see list for future Intern Down Under participants like yourself. My background is in advertising and design and interning with IGS allowed me to apply my skills while fulfilling my Australia dream. I learned some amazing history during my research. And, the best part was getting out to see the sites! Inspired by what I saw, I organized my impressions to help you get an idea of all that you can explore while here. Sydney is a place unlike any other: full of unique suburbs, quirky city blocks, and truly diverse natural environments! One day I started my research surrounded by skyscrapers and ten minutes later I was on a white sand beach! My Sydney experience with IGS was wonderful and Intern Down Under is going to be a blast! -Natasha, 19 from New York Bonding at Bondi Beach * A Day at The Gallery * Bridge of Wonders * Surreal Sealife Aquarium

Meet Will!

Will spent the fall of his gap year in Malawi, Africa before joining us in Auckland and Sydney. He enrolled at the University of North Carolina and will begin classes this fall. Will proved himself as the most engaged participant on our Winter 2017 program. He put together weekend activities including a trip to Hobitron—the living set where they filmed parts of the Lord of the Rings series. He orchestrated a getaway to the west coast of the North Island--booking an Airbnb chalet flush in the forest. The group spent two days exploring the coastline and trails before heading back to the city. Will also had a knack for culinary explorations. Sampling new restaurants and taverns was a highlight of his time in Auckland. Below are his reviews of places visited and indulged. Piha Beach * QF Tavern * Rangitoto Island * Better Burgers * Fokker Brothers * Cakes n' Ladders * T2 Tea Shop * Wynard Crossing

Meet Alana!

I chose Intern Down Under to add more freedom and independent travel to my gap year. During my fall trip to Southeast Asia, every detail was planned for you by the organization. While this was convenient, I longed for more independence. Institute for Global Studies treated me like an adult and allowed me to spend my free time as I like. Having a five-day orientation followed by a customized internship in both locations was another big plus. For the Auckland orientation, Piha Beach was definitely my favorite place on the itinerary. I felt lucky having the chance to hike across one of the most beautiful beaches I had ever seen. Full Article

Why Auckland?


Consistently ranked in the top ten of the world’s most livable cities, Auckland boasts the largest Polynesian population on earth. Artistically, Auckland hosts film and comedy festivals, a world-class philharmonic orchestra, and world-class art museums. Never one to shy away from a good party, the city celebrates its diverse cultures through a series of events including Pasifika Festival, Polyfest, and the Auckland Lantern Festival. Immerse yourself in island cultures and the power of community that is unique to Polynesians. Geographically, Auckland is a hotbed of volcanic activity with over fifty active peaks within a fifty-mile range. This allows for excellent exploration and outdoor opportunities. The city boasts New Zealand’s most livable climate with mild temperatures throughout the year and abundant sunshine. Nicknamed the “City of Sails” Auckland is world famous for hosting the World’s Cup sailing event with one in three residents owning a boat.

Why Sydney?


As the largest city in the Pacific, Sydney brims with diversity and cultural fusion. Over 250 languages alone are spoken within the city limits with one third of its residents speaking a language other than English at the dinner table. Lauded by early seafarers as "without exception, the finest harbour in the world" Sydney has always been the gateway to the continent. The iconic skyline that now graces the harbor features eight buildings 600 feet or taller including Chifley Tower and Meriton World Tower. However, it is architecture of the Sydney Opera House that has left the most indelible imprint on the city. The Sydney Festival features three weeks of events ranging from cabaret to opera and attracts visitors from around the world. In addition to this rich cultural mosaic, Sydney is framed by natural wonders as well. The famed Blue Mountains are a half day’s drive and provide a glimpse into the ancient backbone of the continent.

Enjoy all the independence of interning with world class organizations while living with a group of your peers

Up to fifteen interns per session will work in a diverse range of fields tailored to their unique interests. In the evenings, regroup in your shared housing and enjoy meals and conversation about the day’s events and plan weekend getaways.

Intern Down Under provides a five day orientation period in both Auckland and Sydney prior to the start of your internship.

This includes field trips to national parks; visits to aboriginal sites; guest speakers from the local community; museum tours, and an introduction to the business culture of both locations.

Together we will learn team building skills and how to navigate group living and the dynamics of the workplace.

Finding the balance between personal goals and team needs is an art and a science. Through discussions, reading, and lectures we will learn the essence of group dynamics and how to share and protect what is uniquely you.

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In both Auckland and Sydney, housing will be central to attractions and allow for easy access to bus and train routes. Standard housing will be two per room (same sex) with the option to upgrade to a single room if requested. There is flexibility on meals. Those who wish to eat together in a communal setting are free to do so. Others who want more independence can eat out or cook for themselves. Meals are not included in the pricing but we can advise on how to set up your cook groups if you choose to do so.

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Typical commute will be by bus or light rail. The average commute will be around 25 minutes with some as short as 10 minutes and others a maximum of 50 minutes. As internship hosts will be located throughout the city, commuting will be a necessary part of the program that allows us to have communal housing.


Internship hosts are chosen based on their stature within the community and experience in handling interns. Prior to your arrival you will be given a set of job duties and provided the contact information of the host so you can ask questions directly related to your field. You should plan on 25-40 hours per week and you can negotiate your hours directly with your host.