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Working at a community newspaper in Auckland or Sydney is one of the great learning experiences an intern can have. IGS has a long history of interns publishing original articles during their intenrship. Research is another important aspect of the position. Assist editors and reporters through by collecting information on the backstory. This may include online research to possibly conducting in person interviews in the field.

In addition to storytelling, there is a strong marketing component to working at a community newspaper. You will work with the staff to promote the paper using a wide range of media platforms. Uploading contect to social media, promoting Facebook pages, sending out "tweets" are all part of the marketing process.

The beauty of community newspaper work in Australia or New Zealand is that it provides an in-depth look into a foreign culture from the inside out. Our past interns have covered topics as political as Hillary Clinton's official visit to New Zealand to as local as reviewing a local High School theater productio

Job Duties:
* Conducting interviews
* Editing/writing articles
* Layout and design
* Advertising
* Social media marketing

* Event planning
* Archival research
* Assisting editorial tasks
* Photography
* Arrangement and layout