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Youth services

Working with aboriginal and local youth populations in Auckland and Sydney provides a cultural immersion that can change lives. Interns will have an intimate and exceptional perspective into local culture. Both locations have a wide array of Pacific Island cultures and many of the students you work with will reflect island heritage.

Past interns have created reading programs and tailored them to the needs of the children. Helping to plan field trips and supervising those trips is another important activity. We encourage our host organizations to give our interns the ability to create and share their areas of expertise. You will be challenged to come up with some of your own original ideas on how to best help the children and adolescents.

Prevention Programs
Prevention Programs provide safe, caring, and nurturing environments along with access to opportunities, experiences, and services to support positive youth development and an effort to prevent problem behaviors such as substance abuse, delinquency, teen pregnancy, school drop-out, and violence. All programs focus on working with the community (collaborations, meetings), schools (referrals, target population, activity collaborations, site-based), family (family strengthening and involvement activities), and the individual (life skill building, educational development, positive activities).
The service activities consist of a comprehensive delivery of community-based outreach, case management, and positive alternative activities that are conducted during and after-school hours, weekends and school intercessions and holidays.

Skills & Attributes
* Willingness to accept and implement philosophy of giving.
* Ability and skill in communicating with people or different cultures.
* Ability to write and speak clearly.
* Skill in relating to a wide range of people and situations: youth, parent, agency workers, police.
* Sound judgment, dependability, initiate understanding, firmness, caring, organization.
* Ability to work under conditions of stress and change.
* Available to maintain a flexible work schedule.
* Willing to take on job responsibilities outside job description, if need arises.

* Transporting of children/adolescents to sponsored activities on site or throughout the city.
* Meal preparation.
* Recreational activities at the facility or on a group outing.
* Participation in informal group sessions with resident.
* Implementing after school reading program.
* Supervising athletic activities.
* Assisting with administrative and office duties when requested.