• “I really had fun at the animal park in Auckland. My job was to showcase some of the animals for the visitors. We handled domestic animals like lambs and goats which the kids really liked. But we also got to show off the iguanas and work in the butterfly garden. My supervisor was really nice and had amazing experience working in different zoos. I liked meeting people from around the world. It was a fun experience and I recommend it to anyone who likes animals.”

    - Elliot R.
    Student, Winter 2017
  • “I compose my own music and really wanted to work in a sound studio to learn more about the craft. IGS helped locate one of the premier sound editing studios in Sydney. Top artists from around the county come here to create musical scores for movies, documentaries, commercials and their own private gigs. They got me my own studio space to work on my sound. And, I am able to assist other producers on some really exciting projects. Learning on the latest equipment and seeing how professionals organize their music will really help me for the future. The director of the studio even had me and my cousin over for dinner.
    These guys are real pros.”

    - Max, L.
    Student, Winter 2017


Animal Science

  • Animal Shelter
  • Veterinary Science


  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources

Arts and Culture

  • Art Gallery
  • Photography
  • Theater
  • Cultural Museum


  • Advertising
  • Film Production
  • Journalism
  • Radio Broadcasting
  • TV Production

Community Development

  • Community Development
  • Women’s Rights

Education/Social Services

  • Teaching Assistant
  • At-risk Youth


  • Information Technology
  • Social Media
  • Web Design

Resource Conservation

  • Archaeology
  • Conservation Biology
  • Avian (Bird) Conservation

Sports Management

  • Sports Coaching
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Marketing


  • Hotel/Restaurant Management
  • Wildlife Park
  • Ecotourism

Community Theater

Over thirty years ago, a group of graduate students founded Hawaii’s first professional resident adult theater organization, the Hawaii Performing Arts Company, to enrich the Islands’ theatrical community by staging performances in downtown Honolulu. Two initial successful seasons allowed the fledgling company to secure a larger space just outside the bustling downtown. Over the years, this theater’s mission has evolved into producing intimate, high quality, innovative theater for the benefit of Hawaii audiences and artists. The busy company has managed continuous year-round productions since 1969. The 150-seat facility provides enough flexibility to host an eclectic array of performances, stretching from recent mainstream Broadway, Off-Broadway, and major Regional Theater productions. The company has received numerous honors from the Hawaii State Theater Council’s annual Po’okela Awards, and has been voted “Best Theater Company” five years in a row by the Honolulu Weekly. This is a small company, with a full-time staff of five. As such, an extra pair of hands is not only appreciated, but critical in preparing for successful productions. This is an excellent opportunity for students interested in learning more about the various responsibilities that lie behind theatrical productions.

Thespians and visitors alike will enjoy decadent, dramatic surroundings even before entering the doors of this theater. The theater stands in the middle of a lush valley, about a five- to ten-minute bus ride from intern accommodations at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and a 20-minute bus ride from downtown Honolulu. Built on the site of a 19th century chapel, the theater rests inside a graveyard, complete with crumbling stone markers and tree boughs reaching out to partially conceal the building. Nearby storefronts offer fruit, vegetables, groceries, and coffee.

Job Description

Interns have a chance to involve themselves in multiple aspects of production – including management, organization, creative direction, and design–and will be assigned tasks according to their interests and skills. Interns who excel in these duties will have a chance to assume increasing levels of responsibility on individual projects. Previous intern projects have included assisting the technical director, constructing, painting, and striking sets, assisting in costume design, and organizing stage props. This is a unique project, in that interns will immediately be able to see the application of their efforts as the production unfolds and takes the stage. This internship also offers the added benefit of interaction with a diverse range of members of the local community. Availability and Requirements Positions are available year-round. However, interns’ placement must coincide with the production schedule, when the most help is needed–usually 5 to 7 weeks prior to production. Please contact IGS staff for schedule.

​The staff is willing to train interested interns in appropriate tasks and terminology. Interns must be flexible, willing to complete a broad range of projects and pitch in as needed. Interns must be enthusiastic, eager to learn, resourceful, creative and capable of interacting well with the theater’s small staff and cadre of community volunteers. There is a certain amount of flexibility in scheduling hours, but IGS expects interns to contribute a minimum of 25-30 hours a week to the theater. In your brief letter of intent on the IGS. Application form, please be sure to indicate the source of your interest in this position, what you hope to contribute to the program indicated, and what you hope to learn or experience through your internship–this letter of intent will be distributed to internship providers. In addition, be sure to submit a resume or acceptable equivalent indicating any relevant knowledge or skills.

Job Duties


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