Translation Internship Programs

Assist local businesses by using your language proficiency.

Despite the technological advancements, challenges relating to communication persist to be a global problem. This is why demand for translation services is higher than ever before.

Increase your language level and ability. Perfect for linguists and also for students who are enthusiastic to know more about foreign languages.

Doing an international internship will open doors for you to meet people from all over the world, who are well-versed with various languages.

Intern abroad in a country of your choice – England, France, Australia, Nepal, Pakistan, USA and more!

Hone the skills and practical knowledge necessary for your studies and future career.

Connect with other IGS interns and expand your global network.

Enjoy a broad range of activities during weekends, from visiting renowned attractions to hanging out with the locals.


Program Highlights:

  1. Work with multinational translation companies in transcribing articles and case studies.
  2. Translate educational materials for higher educational institutions and universities, or translate ad materials for marketing agencies.
  3. Attend events and translate in live time, for web and social media audience.
  4. Work with a creative team for subtitles or legal translation industry.
  5. Know more about Computer-Assisted Translation Tool (CAT Tool) and at the same time edit important documents and texts translated by computers to check for meaning, correctness, and accuracy.