Water Pollution and Environmental Engineering

Professions involved in saving the waters and environmental engineering are expected to have high demands in the near future. Today, only very few water pollution experts and environmental engineers are active in the field.

Interestingly, we can help you start your career in using scientific knowledge to design systems that control pollution and protect public health.

The Institute for Global Studies believes that water, as a scarce resource, should be a priority in saving, just the same as environmental engineering should be given the spotlight it deserves.

From outdoor tasks like collection, preparation, and preservation of stream water samples, up to office tasks like project evaluations, we have prepared the best internship opportunities for you.


Program Highlights:

  1. Assist in day-to-day operations of offices regulating water reservoirs and watersheds. Compile and enter data into computer formats, including basic GIS.
  2. Do research on water pollution and suggest programs and projects in saving the waters and the environment. Do physical and chemical monitoring of lakes and stormwater runoff.
  3. Work with the government and create bills geared towards water pollution and environmental engineering.
  4. Immerse yourself in the world of non-profits and contribute your specialized skillset – like writing, designing, marketing, or social media management. Attend clean-up drives and seminars, too.
  5. Maintain office records and observe project results. Go to communities and organize educational discussions on topics such as water quality awareness.