Can my child handle this program?

Chances are they can! We have set up individual internships and semester programs for twenty years. At least nine out of ten complete their internships.

Professional Development

We have reviewed hundreds of student resumes and know what jumps off the page. High school clubs, entry-level jobs, language camps—fine and dandy—but our eyes gloss over them.

Program Philosophy

Choosing between sending your student on a group program versus an individual internship is a personal choice. Both have roughly the same success rate.


“Carlos is very happy with the plant internship you set up and the roommates you chose for him. He likes structure and this internship is perfect for that. This is a great experience to prepare him for his biology major at the university.”


“Thank you for all you have done and all that you are doing to give the young folks an amazing experience. Isabelle really likes the location that you chose for her group.”


“Noah absolutely loves Auckland and his internship. All of the kids I spoke with are really enjoying their internships, Luke especially.”