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Our most popular option. Working for a private law firm provides a fresh angle on the law process. This provides a glimpse into how the private sector operates within the law to both serve clients as well as to make a profit. Working for a law firm may allow one a greater opportunity to pursue specific issues be they social, environmental, or corporate that are of individual interest. You will have the opportunity to sit in on client interviews, assist in evidence recovery, participate in the marketing process to gain new clients. We work with a wide variety of specializations: tort law, corporate law.

Step 1

Prepare Court Cases

Step 2

Assist A Lawyer


Conduct Research

Step 4

Analyze Policy



Some of the most exciting legal duties can be completed virtually. Login to Skype each morning with a lawyer who will assign you case research to serve their clients. This is a great immersion into the legal code and will help you decide what type of law you are most interested in. Many full staff meetings are being done virtually these days so you will sit in on those as well. In addition to research, you can help the attorney prepare documentation for court. Finally, you may be assigned some tasks to boost the firm’s social media presence. For resume purposes, there is no obligation to list “virtual” or “online.” Just put the name of the firm, dates your worked, and job duties. Your internship will have the same merit and potential to land you a high paying job as those completed in person.


Prepare Briefs for Court


Conduct Original Research


Attend Staff Meetings


Contribute to Social Media




Choice of Law

We educate you on the types of practices available.


We prep you for your big interview with the latest techniques.

Career Planning

We advise on how to pursue a paid position following your internship.


We provide helpful tips from start to finish to help you succeed.

Legal Culture

We provide resources on how to dress and present yourself in the firm.


Our placements connect you with movers and shakers in the industry.



Many corporations and larger institutions like hospitals, have in-house attorneys. Corportations like Pfizer, Goodyear, Dow Chemical and others all have well-staffed legal departments that handle product safety issues, work safety, as well as external and internal lawsuits against their companies. Employee rights and regulations are overseen by corporate employeed attorneys as well. Copyright infringement is another important aspect to corporate law. Defending intellectual property rights is an important part of the legal teams duties. In larger institutions in the medical industry research and defense from malpractice is part and parcel to legal duties.

Employer Rights   

Defend Lawsuits

Copyright Infringement

Malpractice Lawsuits

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Working for the legal department in a special interest group is a great way to learn the legal process and advocate change that you believe in. Students interested in family law or children’s rights can work for a Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program. Students seeking litigation experience may complete an externship with a state prosecutor’s office or the U.S. Attorney’s office. Students with an interest in public interest law can work at an area legal aid program. Students wanting to concentrate in employment law or civil rights issues may extern with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the U.S. Department of Labor. We work with organizations that promote women’s rights, environmental protection, the public good, animal rights, children’s rights among others. Some of these groups have a large legal staff working to promote their agenda including lobbiests in DC. Others are more grass roots and use the legal process as private citizens.


Promote an Agenda


Research Precedents


Lobby Governments


Community Activism

We can place law students in most major cities around the world. You indicate your first choice on the application. Recent clients have gone to Paris, London, and Amsterdam. For the United States: Chicago, LA, and Austin are popular locations. We do smaller towns and customized cities as well.

Law students typically choose studio or shared apartments depending on their budget and privacy concerns. If you wish to handle your own housing that is fine. We discount the fees.

All of our placements are unpaid and can be completed on tourist visas whether that is in the U.S. or abroad. The firms we use accept this mode of entry.

The firm you work for will write you a letter of recommendation. In addition, Dr. David Adams will also write you a detailed letter and will include the highlights of your placement and the feedback he received from your host firm. Future employers can contact Dr. Adams and he will reply promptly on your behalf.

Jacob T.

Interning in Los Angeles was everything I hoped for. IGS found me the perfect placement for me with a probate attorney. Sitting in on court sessions was eye-opening. The firm treated me with respect and allowed me to focus on the topics that were most interesting to me.

Jacob T.

Katherine S.

The Institute for Global Studies confirmed me at one of the top intellectual property law firms in Paris, France. I really enjoyed using a foreign language in the workplace and being a part of all-female staff. There were moments of high stress, but also high rewards. This is the first big step on my path to becoming a lawyer.

Katherine S.

Sandra F.

IGS placed me with a personal injury attorney in Austin, Texas for two months. The best part was the high level of responsibility I was given. I attended hearings; sat in on client mettings; conducted research. This experience is a shining star for my resume. I now know what it takes to become a lawyer

Sandra F.

-PaulL R.

“I completed business law internship under IGS with firm in Chicago. I had a great experience and the staff was top notch. The research I performed for the firm was used in several important cases. It was rewarding seeing my hard work used in the real world.”

Paul R.
— Custom Intern, Business law - Chicago

-Wyatt H.

"IGS set me up with a top stock trader in the Bay Area. As a virtual intern, I worked one-on-one with the owner of the brokerage firm and conducted market analysis and researched how top companies adjust their market strategies in times of COVID. My work resulted in real-life trading decisions."

Stanford University, Class of 2022

- Alexander L.

"IGS found me a great condo in Waikiki to complete my virtual internship. I login daily to connect with the marketing team for a Hawaii-based company that launched a new phone app to help businesses screen customers for COVID symptoms. This is a wonderful balance between sun and fun and gaining business experience."

Harvard University, Class of 2024

-Taylor M.

"Doing a remote internship for a community newspaper in Sydney, Australia was the best of both worlds. I was able to explore the city and interview a number of great informants about the art and culture scene in the city. My hard work resulted in my articles being published in print and on the website. Can't thank IGS enough!"

-Syracuse University, Class of 2021.

How it Works

Simple + 123 + process


In our first meeting, we will discuss the job duties you are most interested in and type of law you want to pursue. We will review your resume and make suggestions on how to strengthen it before we circulate it to potential hosts. We do initial consultations free of cost.


After you you pay your deposit, we get busy reaching out to potential hosts. It takes two weeks on average to get a legal internship offer. During this time, we will help prep you for an interview. Likewise, we discuss the housing options available in the city you wish to intern.


We ensure the job duties you are assigned meet expectations. As you build your network, we make suggestions on ways to use your internship as a springboard to future employment. We help you research legal societies and job boards to open new doors for employment.