Frequently asked questions

How old is the average student?


How do I know what my job duties will be?

We provide you an overview and you can call or email the internship host to discuss duties in more detail.

If I don't see my preferred internship on the list can you create it for me?

Yes. We can discuss your preference and tell you if we think we can set it up or not.
This is what we consider a custom internship.

How long does it take for you to confirm an internship once I pay the deposit?

Typically 15-30 days to get you confirmed.

How do students handle their food?

All housing options have full kitchens. You can cook for yourself or eat out.

Do you have a former student I can speak with?

Yes. We can connect you with past participants.

How do I get information?

Fill out an online Information Request or just give us a call to discuss at 202-557-8182. We enjoy talking to students and can cover more on the phone.

What is the application process?

Complete an online application and text us at 202 557 8182 (or WhattsApp) to get your app fee waved. We will review your application and send out an acceptance packet within 48 hours if accepted. You will ten days to pay the $600 deposit once accepted.

How do I get the $150 discount and app fee waved?

Txt or WhattsApp us your name and departure date to +1 202 557 8182 at the beginning of the process and we wave the $150 app fee.

Is the $600 deposit or final payment refundable?

The $600 deposit is refundable if we cannot locate the internship. Your final payment is non-refundable unless a host cancels. We have a 90%+ success rate so it is rare for us to have to return a deposit.

Can I receive college credit for my internship?

Students typically go through their own university to receive college credit. Speak with your department chair or your academic advisor. If they cannot help you then email us and we will suggest a university and contact that can help you get credit.

Do you have paid internships?

No. The majority of the fields we work in do not offer paid positions.

Do you have scholarships or financial aid?

No. But there are fundraising options. Google “student fundraising.”

What is covered and not covered by your fees.

We cover internship setup, office support, in-country contact person, airport pickup. You cover transportation to the country, transportation in-country, food, return to airport, misc. expenses.



Why do some placements cost more?

Cost of living in some locations like Australia and Europe are higher for housing and setup. In Hawaii, and places like New York and San Francisco things cost more as well.

Where does my money go?

It is a full time job for multiple staff members to maintain this many programs. Fees go to running the website/office, internship setup, housing search, in-country contact person, airport pickup, etc.. We do not pay internship hosts and they do not pay us.

Do you accept college graduates looking for life experience? How old do you have to be to apply?

Certainly. We accept ages 17 on up.

I am an international student. Can I apply?

Yes. All of our placements accept tourist visas.

What type of visa do I need to come to USA or go to an international country?

Tourist visas work for all of our placements in all countries.

My school requires a certain number of hours for the internship. Can you guarantee that?

We can try to make sure the host can provide the number of hours per week that you need.

What is the start date for IGS internships and how long do they last?

IGS internships are individual placements: the start date will be based upon an agreement between you and the host organization. Generally you can choose your own dates. Internships can last anywhere from four weeks to six months (or more!), depending on your availability.

Can I work or earn money on the side when I am not doing the internship?

It is possible but you would have to locate the job site and make sure it does not interfere with your internship. We cannot assist on this.

Can I get my own studio or can I choose what type of housing (dorm, apartment, homestay, etc?)

The majority of our placements are private room in a shared house or apartment. Studios may be available but the cost will be a minimum of $500 more per month depending on where you go. We will try to accommodate your housing preference.

Will the housing have towels, sheets, cooking equipment etc?

Typically the room will be fully furnished. We will advise you if you need to bring any of the basics, We suggest you bring your own pillow.

Is there a checklist you send out for packing?

If you are doing a marine program or field program yes we will send out a checklist. Otherwise, we do not have a formal checklist as it is up to you what you want to bring. It will be typical city living in most places.

Can I live with other students?

It will depend on your location. If you are a female we will only put you in a house that has at least one female in it and will get your feedback on the place before we put you there.

How many hours per week will I work?

Typically we ask employers for 25-35 hours a week. If you want to do more or less hours usually you can choose. 10-40 hours would be the acceptable range.

I want to explore different places. Will I have time off to do that?

Yes. You can choose your hours and may be able to schedule some time off depending on the internship if you want to do some traveling. Just email the employer before you arrive if you know your schedule.

My school requires me to have a supervisor fill out forms for me. Can they do that?

Yes. Email the forms to us first. If it is something that we can fill out for you we will do it or will send it to the site advisor.

Application Process

Submit application.

Txt or WhattsApp to discuss job duties.

If accepted, pay deposit within 5 days.

IGS confirms your internship within 30 days.
(typically 2 weeks)

Final payment due once internship is confirmed.