Human Trafficking Internship

Human Trafficking is a quite sensitive topic yet is a prevalent issue in today’s society. It is largely connected with human rights and the inherent right of people to be free from all exploitations.

Complete a rewarding internship by working for justice departments, state prosecutors, and the government in the fight against human trafficking.

Work with well-known advocates of human rights and create meaningful bonds with people with  the same passions as yours.

Be an intern in your dream destination – Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, USA, or Canada, among many others.

Get the perfect opportunity for a personal “retreat” and gain a new perspective in life.


Program Highlights:

  1. Work for justice departments and the creation of pleadings and memoranda on cases against human traffickers and human rights violators.
  2. Shadow state prosecutors and go to court proceedings relating to human trafficking and other abuses.
  3. Be employed in the government’s executive departments and make sure that laws relating to human trafficking are all properly complied with. Work with survivors of sex and labor trafficking, assisting the case manager in everyday direct service activities.
  4. Gain experience in the country’s legislative departments and take active part in drafting policies relating to human trafficking, child labor, and domestic servitude.
  5. Know more about human trafficking and interventions by working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and contribute your knowledge and skills, like web writing, content creation, marketing, or graphic design.