Performance Arts Internship

Make the world your stage.

Performing arts offers individuals a chance to express themselves in a more tasteful and creative manner. As a future performing arts intern, you will be exposed to a dozen of processes in the field of performing arts – dance, costumes, acting, props, and the likes.

This field is primarily skills-based, so gaining first-hand experience internationally would surely increase your competencies. Work with people that make these creative expressions at play.

Be under the tutelage of some of today’s most respected theater and film professionals.

Have a glimpse of the modern trends in performance arts in other parts of the world – USA, Canada, Colombia, Italy, France, or Korea.

Get to know more about the basic elements of performance arts – time, space, body, presence of the artist, and the relation between the creator and the public. 


Program Highlights:

  1. Assist actors, stage managers, directors, and crew in the back stage of performances. Learn the basics of makeup and props creation.
  2. Suggest and create props, costumes, and set designs. Draft promotional materials and floor plan for rehearsal spaces.
  3. Contribute administrative support to the creative team – data entry, research, scheduling appointments, and attending meetings.
  4. Have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for production offices, casting agencies, and artist management headquarters.
  5. Conduct workshops in schools and localities. Teach performing arts, like basics of music, singing, and dancing, to children and even older members of the community.