• “Working with young kids is really a passion of mine. I have worked at a number of camps as a counselor and have studied early childhood education. Working at a daycare in a different country is a great way to meet the community and learn how different governments regulate things. And the kids are kids just like anywhere so that is always fun. They gave me the freedom to use some of the skills I came into the job with and to run my own sessions with the kids. The facility was really clean and well-organized and my supervisor was a real professional.”

    - Alana E
    Student, Winter 2017

Early Childhood

Past interns have also worked in traditional daycare settings. They are assigned to work with 3-6-year-old children to facilitate all aspects of the student’s day. Kids move through different stations throughout the day. There is an art station where they paint and do handicrafts; a play area where they can build sandcastles and play tag; a clothes station where they can dress up and try on new things. It’s a high energy environment that allows you to meet the kids that make up the community.

Past interns have created reading programs and tailored them to the needs of the children. Help plan field trips and supervise children on the excursions.

We encourage host organizations to give our interns the ability to create and share their areas of expertise. You will be challenged to come up with some of your own original ideas on how to best help the children.

Skills and Attributes
  • Willingness to accept and implement philosophy of giving.
  • Ability and skill in communicating with people or different cultures.
  • Ability to write and speak clearly.
  • Skill in relating to a wide range of people and situations: youth, parent, agency workers, police.
  • Sound judgment, dependability, initiate understanding, firmness, caring, organization.
  • Ability to work under conditions of stress and change.
  • Available to maintain a flexible work schedule.
  • Willing to take on job responsibilities outside job description, if need arises.

Job Duties

  1. Set up play stations
  2. Reading and phonics
  3. Meal preparation
  4. Office administration
  5. Supervising field trips