Nutrition Internship

The study of nutrition is critical yet fulfilling at the same time. It seeks to improve people’s diets, promote a balanced lifestyle, and address malnutrition in rural communities. A healthy lifestyle is a key to having lesser complications, increased energy levels, and even boosted productivity.

It’s not just helpful to building a productive economy, but also supportive to a society with individuals suffering from mental health issues such as trauma or depression. Studies have shown that good eating habits can help in treating these issues.

Also, with the current diseases plaguing the world, having a good diet can reduce the risk of potentially contracting these diseases.

The Institute for Global Studies has prepared placements in different major cities and rural communities all over the world – internship opportunities that are perfect for aspiring food technologists and nutritionists.


Program Highlights:

  1. Meet inspiring professionals in the field of food technology and nutrition and learn from seminars, discussions, and first-hand observations.
  2. Work under the guidance of a renowned food technologist or nutritionist, and assist them in everyday tasks.
  3. Be deployed in local community health centers and assist the professionals in dealing with the nutrition issues of the residents.
  4. Spearhead caravans and educational discussions about nutrition and food technology.
  5. Be involved in work in university or school settings; collaborate with the teachers on how to incorporate nutrition education in the curriculum.
  6. Work in a hospital setting and give general advice to clients on diet and lifestyle.