• “Working with Jasmine and her staff at the Dog Daycare was great. They are super friendly and supportive. The location was right in the heart of a really cool suburb with tons of restaurants to sample. They had me walk the dogs twice a day and oversee the “pack” upstairs. My job was to keep them under control and to settle down the dogs if they got too excited. As a dog owner this was right up my alley. Just being around that many different breeds you get to learn a lot about how they are similar and different.”

    - Eli S.
    Student, Winter 2018
  • “I really had fun at the animal park in Auckland. My job was to showcase some of the animals for the visitors. We handled domestic animals like lambs and goats which the kids really liked. But we also got to show off the iguanas and work in the butterfly garden. My supervisor was really nice and had amazing experience working in different zoos. I liked meeting people from around the world. It was a fun experience and I recommend it to anyone who likes animals. “

    - Elliot R.
    Student, Winter 2017

Animal Shelter and Dog Day Care

IGS students have worked in shelters and dog daycare in Hawaii, Boston, Auckland, Sydney and other locations. Shelter work focusses primarily on cats and dogs who could no longer be cared for, have been abandoned, or were born feral.

Shelters protect both the animals and society from an unsafe relationship and interactions. They provide immunizations and create a safe space for the animals to integrate into human society if possible. Our students help the staff check-in new animals. They accompany the staff to board meetings. They do daily rounds to check in on animal welfare and health. When medical care is needed, they accompany the dogs or cats to the veterinarian.

Dog daycare facilities are in upscale locations and cater to pets whose owners work 9-5 jobs. These facilities provide an active social life instead of long days of sitting at home. Intern job duties include overseeing “the pack” – usually 7-14 dogs – in their resting area. Your role is to make sure they play nice and to settle the hyper dogs and enable healthy interactions. Walking dogs is another aspect of the placement. Interns walk up to three dogs at a time. Most daycares have a grooming station. If needed, you will hold the dogs and keep them focused while they are getting trimmed.

Job Duties


Pet Visitation

Animal Trainer

Walk with Dogs

Facilities Maintenance

Pet Foster Care


Animal Advocacy

  • Other duties include: office & administrative support, taking pets to military families deployed in war, pet lost & found, taking animals to healthcare & senior facilities, special events & promotions, adoptions assistant, behavior help line associate, cat trainer, dog exerciser.