David Adams, Ph.D., Founder

Dr. David Adams founded the Institute for Global Studies in 1999. He has run field courses and set up academic internships in seventeen countries for U.C. Santa Barbara, San Francisco State, and other universities. A cultural anthropologist who completed his doctoral studies at the University of Hawaii, he likewise holds Masters Degrees in anthropology and religion and an undergraduate degree in philosophy. David’s research interests include the relationship between religion and ecology, environmental ethics, and political movements. He has served as a featured lecturer for Smithsonian and National Geographic in Asia and the Pacific. David works one-on-one with prospective interns to provide personalized service throughout the process. His years of experience allow him to provide custom placements that help students grow and benefit the organizations they work with. He is the author of two books: Season of the Loon and Samsara. Both are available on Amazon.com and explore the relationships between cultures and the natural environment.

Featured Book

“This book is a tour de force. No one has attempted to bring together such a wide range of people and movements under the rubric of Spiritual Ecology. The result is deeply engaging for scholars and activists alike. Sponsel has given us a gem.” Mary Evelyn Tucker, Forum on Religion and Ecology,Yale University

“This is a subject that should have been documented long ago–this wise and careful book fills an important gap, and does it with real power.” Bill McKibben, author Eaarth