Disabled Children Support

Project Introduction

A dedicated, mature, and caring attitude is needed for this challenging internship placement. Situated on the outskirts of Bangkok is a place that gives hope to children with disabilities. This non-religious organization, established in 1987, aims to train disabled children and their families to become more self-sufficient and to function well in society. In addition, the group assists the Thai government in developing a disabled care system, which is severely lacking in this country. The operations of this organization depend upon its volunteers and donations–the intern’s tasks will be divided between caring for disabled children in a government-built facility and in a daycare center, depending on the daily needs. In addition, the intern will be involved with a halfway house, helping disabled children to continue living with their families by providing educational assistance and support. Through this very demanding position, you can make a significant difference in the lives of these children.


Nontaburi is the perfect base for exploring both the city of Bangkok and the surrounding countryside. The local area has an excellent transportation system, and for a small bus fare you can reach the center of Bangkok. The Northern bus terminal, which runs routes throughout the entire country, is less than a half an hour ride away; the airport is also conveniently nearby. Once in the center of Bangkok, you will find restaurants that not only serve wonderful Thai food, but also cater to every taste. Back in Nontaburi, rural areas, temples, and shopping malls are easily accessible. You will also be close to the Chao Pharaya River, where the floating markets are the perfect places to purchase bargains.

Availability and Requirements

Position available year-round. Applicants must have patience and sensitivity in dealing with culturally different approaches and attitudes toward the handicapped. Experience with disabled children is preferred, but not necessarily required.


Rented accommodations will be provided with basic cooking facilities: a rice cooker, gas ring, and a water boiler. Apartments are basic and comfortable. Once again, Bangkok will offer you your choice of affordable cuisine. Previous students have eaten out almost exclusively.

Minimum Length of Stay

4 weeks

Additional Requirements

In your brief letter of intent on the IGS Application form, please be sure to indicate the source of your interest in this position, what you hope to contribute to the program indicated, and what you hope to learn or experience through your internship–this letter of intent will be distributed to internship providers. In addition, be sure to submit a resume or acceptable equivalent indicating any relevant knowledge or skills.