• “I really had fun at the animal park. My job was to showcase some of the animals for the visitors. We handled domestic animals like lambs and goats which the kids really liked. But we also got to show off the iguanas and work in the butterfly garden. My supervisor was super nice and had amazing work experience in different zoos. I liked meeting people from around the world. It was a fun experience and I recommend it to anyone who likes animals.”

    - Elliot R.
    Student, Winter 2018

Wildlife Park

Our students have worked eye-to-eye with koalas in Australia. They have showcased saltwater crocodiles in Auckland. In Costa Rica, they have worked at butterfly gardens. In Hawaii, one of our students enjoyed her time at the marine park so much she dropped out of college and accepted a paid position to her parent’s distress.

Wildlife parks provide an up close and personal glimpse into the native flora and fauna of a region. IGS partners with only with the best reviewed organizations with a track record of cleanliness and thoughtful animal care.

The parks we work with have free roaming exhibits; the animals have legroom and visitors interact with them in a casual setting. One of the highlights of working at an animal park is rubbing shoulders with staff members for whom animal husbandry is a calling and not just a job. To collaborate with people who are instilled with passion and love what they do has an important role in exposing interns into what work and life can be.

Typically, our students are assigned to a park supervisor and they monitor them throughout the day and help with the tasks at hand. Preparing the food each morning is a daily ritual. These are scientific diets and you will learn a lot about what makes these creatures tick by paying attention to the meal plans laid out for them.

Showcasing the exhibits for visitors is another important duty. You will study the life history of the koala, monk seal, or whatever animal is assigned to you and be able to share life histories with families and school groups. Being comfortable speaking to the public is an important attribute for this internship.

Behind the scenes, students help with event planning and social media updating. Corporate functions and sponsorship provide an important financial boost to these parks and interns can assist in making these gatherings run as smooth as possible.

Job Duties

  1. Prepare food
  2. Research animal histories
  3. Visitor Interpretation
  4. Handle animals
  5. Corporate functions