• “I really liked the fast pace and challenge. Avenues has an amazing reputation. Once they saw that I was skilled at Microsoft Office and some design they treated me like one of the gang. They put me on some high profile events and I got to use my creative skills to help with brochures and other material. The best part was going to the events. These were high end functions and sometimes finished late into the evening. It’s a great place if you like to be challenged. Working with a all-female staff was cool as well.”

    - Julia S
    Student, Winter 2018

Event Planning

In Hawaii, our students have worked with wedding planners and set up venues on Waikiki Beach. In Australia, they have planned corporate functions and helped photograph the events. In New Zealand, they worked on city projects and the convention bureau. If you enjoy a fast-paced environment and chance to meet a wide range of people, this is the field for you. Event planners coordinate every aspect of meetings, conventions and ceremonies. Working with the staff you will select event sites, plan the technical aspects, arrange catering, manage risk, and establish back up plans.

IGS interns have had a nice mix of office work as well as getting into the field to attend the actual events. Often, they take on the same responsibilities as paid staff. Some have likened event planning to directing a stage performance. There is no lack of drama in getting so many moving parts to function together.

The networking that goes on at these events and in the setup can lead to paid positions and contacts that pay dividends long into the future. Hours can be irregular and include a mixture of office sessions interspersed with days in the field. The ability to multi-task is key to successful event planning.

A new trend in event planning is corporate team building. One of our planners explains: “It’s no secret that recent team building successes have ridden on the boom of reality TV shows. “CBS Survivor, CBS Amazing Races, Master Chef Cooking, Dancing with The Stars.” Are all worldwide viewing phenomena.”

More companies are hiring event planners to facilitate team building activities for their employees. Instead of just socializing, these events intend on creating a cohesiveness that may be missing among staff members.

Job Duties:

  1. Social media
  2. Online research
  3. Corporate outreach
  4. Field visits
  5. Event setup/takedown
  6. Phone duties
  7. Database management