• “My mom works for CBS Sports and I have long term aspirations to get into sports marketing and PR. Working with one of the best PR firms in Sydney is going to look great on my resume. My supervisor was very welcoming and once she saw how capable I am with social media she gave me a high level of responsibility. Seeing how a PR firm works from the inside out has given me some new ideas for my future. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is serious about the industry and ready to put in a full work week.”

    - Matt R.
    Student, Winter 2018

Public Relations

Our contacts in public relations include prestigious organizations with high name recognition. Past students have helped put together “gift” baskets filled with the sponsor’s products and delivered them to radio and television stations to get airplay for their clients. They have completed brand research—looking at how a client’s competition presents itself to the marketplace and finding a competitive edge. When the agency meets with a prospective client, our students sit in on the meetings and learn about expectations. Using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they place ads for the client in key locations that will appeal to their target audience.

​The main role of a PR agency is to promote a company or individual’s editorial coverage. This is referred to as “earned” or “free” media — stories that on websites, newspapers, magazines and TV programs — as compared to “paid media” or advertisements. The intern is there to help clients become as relevant as possible.

Marketing the agency itself to attract new clients is an important part of the internship. Interns use the latest technology to focus in on potential businesses in need of representation. They may call companies and or send email flyers. Interns do whatever it takes to continue the flow of new clients.

The agencies we use are in the heart of the city amidst the hustle and bustle. The location gives it street cred among neighboring businesses who use their services.

Job Duties

  1. Research the marketplace
  2. Attend client meetings
  3. Prepare company materials
  4. Establish new territory
  5. Client care