Special Needs Equine Therapy Internship

Equine science is the scientific study of topics such as nutrition and genetics of horses. 

Gain vital experience and build professional contacts through our internship program, career seminars, and industry association events.

In this special internship, aside from acquiring knowledge on horses, interns will provide educational needs of horse enthusiasts and will assist in therapeutic horseback riding for disabled adults and children.

Horse-assisted therapy is gaining popularity nowadays to promote overall well-being of people with special needs such as trauma and anxiety. Assist children, young adults, or adults in learning to control horses and at the same being more relaxed and confident.


Program Highlights:

  1. Work for barns, breed associations, farriers, equine nutritionists, and therapeutic riding centers, and help in daily barn maintenance and veterinary care of therapy horses.
  2. Be under the tutelage of veterinarians and pedigree analysts in gaining more knowledge about development and training of horses.
  3. Learn about management of equine athletes and rehabilitation.  
  4. Attend comprehensive seminars on therapy and have one-on-one sessions with patients.
  5. Assist the disabled with their horse-riding sessions, to improve confidence, coordination, and well-being.