Child Daycare

Our Sports Management internships place participants with top rate athletic clubs ranging from soccer, football, basketball, softball, in-line hockey, among other sports. These are custom placements where we take your specific interests and talents and match them with a club in your ideal location. The main goal for all of our placements is to provide interns with a broad introduction into all aspects that compose sports management.

Specifically, you will learn the structure of an organization from the top down and the roles and daily duties from president of the club to ball boy. This is an opportunity to learn business models as well as in the field skills.




Job Duties

  1. Assisting CEO with daily operational duties
  2. HR duties
  3. Scheduling of facilities, matches, practice times
  4. Assisting coaches
  5. Overseeing training schedules
  6. Strength and condition programs
  7. Fund raising
  8. Conflict resolution
  9. Accounting
  10. Legal guidelines
  11. Safety procedures

This is a general placement whose mission is to ensure that interns are exposed to the daily duties that go into running a club. Should the intern have a specific are of interest that will be presented to the club and an emphasis will be placed on including job duties in that particular area.