Professional Development

We have reviewed hundreds of student resumes and know what jumps off the page. High school clubs, entry-level jobs, language camps—fine and dandy—but our eyes gloss over them. As employers, as well as program providers, we asked ourselves what makes us stand up and take notice of young applicants? International internships are the shining stars that can separate a young person from their peers. They demonstrate an aptitude to master foreign environments, adjust to cultural differences, and succeed in challenging work settings.

Competing in the global marketplace is a badge of honor in the business and non-profit world. Our students walk away with improved resumes and a letter of recommendation for their file.

Student programs that travel as a group from place-to-place and plan everything out for a student down to when they brush their teeth have their benefits. But they do not provide the stamp of independence and professionalism that employers are looking for. They are a curiosity on a resume more so than a springboard to a first career job.