Price: Cheap
Key Factor: Inexpensive, delicious food

Better Burger is a chain restaurant with three different locations within a fifteen-minute walk of the Scene Apartments. This restaurant is the place to eat when you are low on money, but too classy to eat at McDonalds. While there are a lot of other cheap burger places in the area (The White Lady, Burger Fuel, Lord of the Fries,) Better Burger has the best price to quality ratio out of all of them. The menu is full of good, greasy, All-American burgers and fries. The bacon cheeseburger is a favorite of mine and about half the price of any other restaurant in the area. A burger will cost you a little over $5 NZD, and a full meal is under $10. They also offer creamy and smooth milkshakes for an additional $3 NZD. You can enjoy this fine cuisine on the picnic tables outside, where the commotion is popping with late Saturday night fever, and plenty of pop music. The location of these Better Burgers is always directly across from popular bars, making them easy access.

What really makes this place great is that it is open late. The Better Burger closest to Britomart is open until 4:00 AM, making it the ideal place to go when you have a pocket full of coins and the late night munchies. The other Better Burger down Queen Street is located across from two of the most popular bars in the area. The place isn’t great, and if you have the money I would recommend going to the White Lady Food Truck (18 Commerce Street, close to Britomart.) This will by no means be the meal you remember for the rest of your life, but it will be your saving grace around 2:30 AM after a night out.

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