Price: Average
Key Factor: Sweet Potato Fries, Dirty Milkshakes

Fokker Bros is a small pub located near the Wynyard crossing. It is just one of the many restaurants in an outdoor mall near the docks. The other restaurants in this strip are very nice, but are about $30 to $40 dollars a plate. This pub became one of my favorites because of its atmosphere and diverse menu. The restaurant has large fluffy booths, and they are all in sight of large flat screen televisions that are always showing sports. I went here twice and got to see an NBA game both times. The restaurant has a pleasant sit down atmosphere and doesn’t feel too much like a sports bar.

Fokker Bros advertises their burgers and chicken, but this is not the reason I love it. This restaurant (seems) to be the only one in Auckland that knows how to make proper sweet potato fries. They use brown sugar and it tastes just like North Carolina. Be warned however, the regular fries here are not very good. If you want a side dish get the sweet potato fries, or a small side salad. Aside from the wide selection of beer, another unique item on this menu is their “Dirty Milkshakes.” If you are willing to spend a few extra dollars, I would highly recommend trying one. I tried the Jack Daniels Mudslide and it was phenomenal.

This area of town is a very pricey area and for good reason. As you eat your meal you can overlook the Auckland harbor and see million dollar yachts and sailboats. This is a great place to wrap up a nice day at the Wynyard Crossing, and it is only a few minutes past Britomart. It is also open late on weekends. There are a few other bars located nearby (including a cowboy themed one.) If that is not enough to convince you to give this restaurant a shot, it is also called Fokker Bros, which is pretty

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