• “Working with the premier netball facility in the country was a immersion into a first rate organization. Netball is like basketball but you don’t dribble the ball. It’s more of a passing game. It’s huge down here and we could have over a thousand people playing on the many courts we managed. I assisted the Marketing Director with a plan to increase our sponsorships with local businesses. I really enjoyed meeting local people in the community. I am going to major in economics and know a lot about analyzing companies so they trusted me to look at their books and make suggestions. I found a way for them to increase revenues by managing their massive parking lot differently. It was great that they trusted me enough to go over their internal documents and help them.”

    - Will R.
    Student, Winter 2017


There are few internships as rewarding as teaching younger people sportsmanship and competition. This internship matches the particular sporting interests of the participant to specific teams. We offer placements that range from assisting coaches at the university level down to working with little leaguers. Our coaching opportunities are not just limited to the traditional sports of football, basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey.

We can also work to facilitate placements in the field of your choice. Swimming, tennis, track and field . . . you name the sport and we will match you to the best organization possible.

In the past we have paired interns with both inner city and suburban schools in traditional sports such as soccer and basketball. We also work with at-risk youth organizations that run their own after school athletic programs. We have had great feedback on this option as the kids’ gain so much as their home life is lacking in interaction and nurturing.

Depending on the length of your stay and your past experience, you will either serve as a full coach or assistant coach.

Placements with university-level and even some professional level athletic programs are likewise available. Here you will have a chance to assist head coaches with all aspects of running a team. This is a great way to gain coaching skills and learned from seasoned professionals both athletic skills as well as management skills.

Job Duties

  1. Scheduling practices and meetings
  2. Teaching athletic skills
  3. Providing leadership
  4. Serving as a role model
  5. Hosting social events
  6. Communicating with parents
  7. Communicating with school or club personnel
  8. Teaching basic safety procedures
  9. Conflict resolution
  10. Advertising and promotion
  11. Evaluations