• “Being a teacher’s assistant is all I hoped it would be. Being in a foreign country made it really interesting. I had to learn about their customs to be effective. My supervisor asked me to do English lessons at the end of the day. It was fun being in front of the group and being in charge of the material. I enjoyed preparing lesson plans the night before with guidance from my supervisor.”

    - Stephen K.
    Student, Winter 2017

Teaching Assistant

In the developing world, there are more opportunities to work inside traditional classrooms than in Western countries where increased regulations make it prohibitive. IGS has placed teacher’s aids in colorful locations such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Thailand and Fiji.

Teacher’s aids serve as the personal assistant to the assigned classroom teacher. They are most helpful when the class breaks up into small groups and they can work with students one-on-one or in small groups to facilitate the lesson plan.

Native English ability is a prized possession. We have helped our interns formulate lesson plans where they can teach the basics of English and facilitate conversation and grammar with young students.

Overseeing fieldtrips is another fun job duty. Taking kids into museums and local excursions can be a great experience for an intern supervisor.

Every day is different and the chance to impact young lives is unsurpassed. We provide homestay options for students for this option as that helps with the immersion into the country. Or, live in a private apartment.


  1. Prepare lessons
  2. Assist teacher
  3. Plan trips
  4. Grade exams
  5. Setup classroom