• “I had a great time working in Washington, DC for a lobbyist firm. I learned a lot about the issues and ways to make my voice heard. Going to Capital Hill was one of the highlights. Seeing our government at work was inspiring and a little be scary at times. This internship helped me decide my college major and I am pleased with the direction I am going now.”

    - Caleb C.
    Student, Winter 2017

Politics and Government

Our students work for climate change in Washington DC, promote political candidates in New Zealand; assist women’s advocacy in Paris; and lobby for forest conservation in Bangkok. Political advocacy is a great way to immerse yourself in new cultures and promote the issues you hold dear. IGS places students where the big decisions are made.

Track One:

Work for a political advocacy group. Lobbyists come in all shapes and sizes. We aim to match students with organizations that they support themselves. Lobbyists imbed themselves in the halls of power and use their connections to enact change or maintain the status quo. Advocates master the art of “getting the word out” and understand how political spin can shape issues.

Track Two:

Cover politics for a community newspaper. City Pages newspapers lean left and provide coverage and commentary on a host of issues that affect their community. Past IGS students have been assigned field topics on divisive political issues and have had their work published. Whether you are interviewing a local politician or covering a protest, you have a chance to be in the heart of it all.

Track Three:

Promote a political candidate. Join the campaign trail and lend your support to a candidate. IGS students have assisted candidates both in the U.S. and abroad in their quest for leadership.

Job Duties:

  1. Promoting causes
  2. Covering political events
  3. Blogging
  4. Writing articles
  5. Attending conferences
  6. Networking