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When Thierry requested IGS to find him an internship at a top human resources firm we knew a challenge lay ahead. HR is a tough field to crack. Furthermore, Thierry listed Los Angeles as his dream location.

HR in LA. Oh Boy. We had our work cut out for us. A recent graduate from the University of Maryland, Thierry was no eighteen-year-old looking for a summer gig. He was a twenty-two-year-old man ready to start an HR career. After days of research, our team narrowed down the possible companies. Despite Thierry’s impressive resume, the rejections came pouring in. Just as we feared, HR execs know how to find their own people. That’s why they are in HR! Arrghh.

“All we need is one!” was the battle cry in our internship war room. Read more

In 1995, Dr. David Adams set up his first internship in Molokai, Hawaii. While teaching a field study course for San Francisco State University, he connected students with local organizations to complete their final projects. The internship practicum became a student favorite and demand grew into what IGS is today.We are world renowned for fulfilling hard to find, custom internship requests.

IGS uses apartments, homestays, and dormitories to house our clients. A private room in a shared apartment with a working professional is the most popular option. Female clients are placed with female landlords. We aim to keep housing within a thirty-minute commute of the internship. Check out our apartments.

Commute is by bus, bike, on foot, or light rail. It will depend on your placement. The average travel time is twenty-five minutes with commutes as short as ten minutes and others a maximum of fifty minutes. Each city is different and we work together to connect you with the best means of transport.

What Students Say

  • “My work at the television station is really challenging. We have a new program coming out next week and everyone is excited for the first broadcast. All the production and editing has been hard work but I have learned so much. The staff is really friendly and I feel like part of a team. I love New York!”

    Charlotte M.
    Custom Intern, Newspaper/Media-New York City
  • “Actually helped the office in the northeast with tsunami relief operations and helping refugees with soup kitchen and non-food item delivery. I also got to represent the NGO I was working in at a NGO networking meeting in the U.S. embassy! My supervisor was great, she always had tasks to give me, but also was open to me asking her for assistance, which I did a lot. I felt very welcomed and accommodated at the office.”

    Nael K.
    Custom Intern, Tsunami Relief- Tokyo, Japan
  • “Working at The Photography Studio in Sydney was a dream come true. They are true professionals from start to finish. Once I saw how much I could learn and the responsibilities they placed in me I asked to increase my hours and actually changed my flight so I could stay another month and a half. I got to work with award winning photographers and assisted on all aspects of their work.”

    Sarah V.
    Down Under Intern, Photography- New Zealand & Australia