Price: Average

Key Factor: Local Beer

QF Tavern (QFTAV) is a typical sports bar located directly on Queen Street. The bar has plenty of TV’s and any game can be put on by request. The staff is friendly and is willing to change the station if asked. If there is a crucial game or big event from American sports, this is the place to go. After searching through a few sports bars all showing cricket and rugby, this place was the only one that featured the UNC basketball game (a favorite team of mine). I’m sure they would have also shown a Vikings (NFL) game, if only there was a Vikings game in the post season. It was great knowing the rest of the trip that if there was a big game on, I had my own sports bar with no Duke fans.

There is quite a large selection of local New Zealand beer as well as imported brands. They offer New Zealand’s own Speight’s on tap. I would highly recommend it as they serve it with a frozen glass. The food is solid bar food. The wings, fries, pizza fish and chips, are all good and reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend getting an order of their chips with ketchup.

The bar is only a five to ten minute walk from the Scene apartments where we stayed and offers live music on weeknights. If walk up Queen Street, it is located past the nearest Burger King. This bar isn’t anything special, however it is worth noting because it is an AMAZING place to watch the Super Bowl. Even though the event is not nearly as big as it is in America, there was still plenty of electricity in the air and a lot of Kiwi NFL fans. QFTAV offers a great deal that includes two pizzas and four beers for 40 NZD. The atmosphere was exciting but not overcrowded. There was no trouble getting a table for everyone in our group. The seats are comfortable and classic. Large flat screens, and a huge projector showing the game circled the dining area, making sure you never miss a moment of game action. As long as you are not too rowdy, or a Patriots fan, this is the place to watch the Big Game.

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