Thierry passed with flying colors and was offered a three-month internship in their LA office.

Go Big or Go Home. Landing an internship was amazing, but Thierry wanted the California Dream. He hoped for a new life on the West Coast and a paid job. He packed his Chevrolet Impala with all his belongings and hired a company to trailer his car from Maryland to California. Now that is commitment.

We admired his confidence but told Thierry at the end most internships the boss gives you a letter of recommendation and sends you on your way. Shipping a car is quite a commitment. Undeterred, Thierry’s dreams rolled across the country on that transport trailer.

We found him housing in an upscale neighborhood with a friendly landlord who dabbled in metaphysics. It’s California. Crystals were the least of our worries compared to what else gets dabbled in out there. Thierry and Sandra hit it off right away and she helped him discover all the hotspots within easy reach of their apartment.

With a comfortable home base, Thierry hit the ground running at his internship. He updated us via email: “I am networking like crazy. I attend tradeshows with my boss regularly and business is booming!”