Weeks turned into months and Thierry’s internship neared an end. He had made new friends and learned the Valley lingo in his quest to become a Californian. All he needed now was a good paying job. He probed his newfound network, but no offers came in. He called agency after agency, but no one was hiring.

In despair, he stared at his car and wondered if he would have to return to Maryland and his parent’s house and start all over.

Thierry’s boss, Denise, called him into her office for an end of internship review. He had read her books, represented her at shows, and worked crazy hours to close her deals; their time neared an end. Denise thumbed at a document and smiled as she recalled their past three months together. Thierry hoped she held a letter of recommendation that he could to take back to Maryland. But there were more than just kind words on that paper.

What came next was nothing short of California Dreamin’. “Thierry,” she said pushing the offer letter across the desk, “You have made yourself indispensable to our firm and the office can’t run without you. Here’s an offer to join us fulltime as a paid staff member. You can start next Monday.”

With sand between his toes, Thierry’s HR career began.