Cakes n Ladders is a small gaming café located a quick Uber ride away. This café offers nice snacks, deserts, and drinks along with over 150 different board games. They have everything from Star Wars to Monopoly to Operation to, my personal favorite, Cards Against Humanity. For only 2.50 NZD an hour, you can spend an entire afternoon here playing whatever game you want, as well as enjoying their cupcakes, brownies, coffee, and cookies (not included in the entry fee). I would recommend getting a nice pot of tea.

There is comfortable seating available and plenty of elbowroom, as well as long tables for larger groups. The staff is friendly and helpful and they have an encyclopedic knowledge of board games and can help you find one that you like. You also do not have to worry about them having your game, as if you request a game and they do not have it, they will buy it! This café has a great relaxing vibe and is a nice way to escape the big city life style for a little bit and play some nice simple board games.

I went with a few friends that were visiting in Auckland. The weather was not great so we decided that this would be a good way to kill some time until the sun came out. It was fun and no stress, and I would highly recommend it for a rainy day activity.

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