T2 is a small teashop located on Queen Street. I learned after my visit that T2 is a chain and they have locations all over New Zealand and Australia. There is a T2 shop located at Manly Beach and there are a few directly downtown in Sydney. While all of the T2s I have seen have been great, this T2 is the number one rated attraction on Queen Street on Trip Advisor, so I had to check it out. The actual shop is just a small hole in the wall that looks like it’s a closet between two other shops. The front of the store is just the doorway and has a small black sign directly above it with a simple, basic font “T2.” I actually walked past it a few times before I found the store, but once I found it, T2 became my official “happy place.” T2 sells tea that can be home brewed as well as kettles, recipes, and all things tea.

Personally I have never been a huge tea guy and I have no idea how to brew anything more than a Lipton tea bag. In fact, I spent a grand total of zero dollars during my five or more trips to T2. So this teashop is not a spectacle for the eye, or a consumer’s paradise, so what is so great about this place? Two words: Free Samples! T2 offers eight different teas available by the cup for you to sample. The flavors rotate by the hour, so you will rarely get the same flavor twice. They have iced tea and hot tea for your sipping pleasure, and the staff is very friendly and will tell you about each tea you try. My personal favorite was the smoked nugget on ice, however I did not try a sample there that I did not love. I never stayed at T2 long, but as it is located very close to the front of Queen Street, it was very easy to stop in and grab a drink on the way to an adventure!

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