Friendly People in Sydney by Emily R.

On my first day in Sydney I was wandering around what was soon to become my neighborhood. At that point, it was just a mess a buildings and stores I had never heard of. All I wanted was to find this “woollies” place everyone kept telling me about. Apparently it had groceries, pharmacy, and everything we would need for the apartment. Still half in Boston, and half in Australia I wandered into the first store I saw: a pillow store. I was so nervous to ask the lady behind the desk where Woollies was since it was a question about another business. But at that point I was too lost and tired to keep walking aimlessly. I was shocked, absolutely shocked, when she not only gave me directions but asked where I was from, and what I was doing here. Only a couple hours into my time here I was already being sent good vibes from the people of Sydney.

One thing I love most about home (Boston) is the “air” or “dirty water”. Everyone seems to share some sort of connection or love for the city. I always thought that the sense of community there came from the sort of rough and tough persona many Bostonians give off. But from living in Sydney I have learned that there can still be a strong sense of community and pride in a city if it is built off of kindness and respect for all the people calling it home.

I can’t stress how much easier this has made my transition. The warmth and genuine goodness that comes from each person I meet here has been striking in the best way. I love the people here, I love the city, and know that they do too

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