Surreal Sea Life Aquarium by Natasha S.

The Sydney SEALIFE Aquarium was on my life list. Located next to Darling Harbor, the walk over showcased yachts in the harbor and a much welcomed sea breeze on this particularly hot day. The area is pretty touristy as there are three attractions right next to each other: the aquarium, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, and the Wildlife Sydney Zoo. Most of the tourists were hitting all three in a single day!

When you walk into the aquarium, the first room is dark, but all the tanks covering the walls are glowing. They’re full of incredible fluorescent colored fish, corals, and my favorite . . . jellyfish. I lost track of time staring at the remarkable glowing creatures so rarely seen. I almost forgot I had dozens more rooms ahead of me!

The aquarium is well-planned, leading you from room to room which is good because I did not want to miss a single urchin. The next room held some of the creepier critters including sea snakes and mudfish, which were quite the sight.

Though every room delighted, my favorite section was the famed underwater tunnel. As I walked through, I saw giant stingray, sharks, squid, dozens of different kinds of fish, and dugongs. Imagine taking this in from all angles of the tunnel as they swam under, beside, and above the tube.

Outside the tube I was greeted by shellfish, sea cucumbers, and sea stars. A SEALIFE staff member shared facts about each and allowed everyone come up to and touch the animals.

I spent about two full hours in the aquarium, though I could’ve stayed much longer as there was so much to see in each tank. It was nice to be reminded of the amazing world that lies beneath the water, especially while in a place where you spend so much time near the ocean.

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