Wynyard Crossing is a well-known location in Auckland. The actual “crossing” is a large drawbridge that is raised every five minutes to allow yachts and sailboats to enter the harbor. From this bridge there is a great view of the Auckland skyline and a perfect shot of the Sky Needle. Across the bridge there is always something interesting happening, be it is a free movie screening or a food truck festival. As soon as you step off the bridge there is a swimming spot that the locals love because of a twenty-foot jump into the cool harbor water. The spot also has many beach chairs for you to lie out on and catch some sun.

Past the swimming spot is a long line of restaurants and tourist shops, as well as Movenpick Ice Cream. This walkway overlooks the ocean and leads to a public park with a playground, a modern art fountain, and a public basketball court. Past this area is a marketplace that sells handmade goods and gifts and will lead you to the end of the land. Past this is where you see the real Jordan Belfort / Donald Trump yachts. These monstrous Titanic wannabes are absurdly huge, and deserve to be gazed upon.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled while exploring this area. I went here many times and on a few occasions I was given free food by advertising campaigns. The legendary Red Bull car gave me a free Kiwi flavored Red Bull, and the Monster (energy drink) Truck gave me a free Monster! This is a great way to go for a walk and see a very iconic part of the city. If you plan on really exploring this area, it should take about two hours to see all that it has to offer. It is inviting back as well, since the attractions change every weekend. One Saturday, they were taking votes on which Bill Murray movie they would be showing that night. Obviously I voted for Space Jam. While it is not his best movie, it definitely has all of the fun and charm that he always brings–but I digress.

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