• “Working at the eco-park was everything I hoped for. I got to help with the ziplines and manage the trail system which was really neat. Most days I got to be outdoors. The supervisor taught me a lot about the forest and the history of the area. The park really made a lot of people happy. I am glad I got to help provide a great experience for visitors.”

    - James N.
    Student, Winter 2017


IGS rocks when it comes to eco-tourism placements. We work with the leading kayak tour company in Thailand. We have placed students with a submarine tour company in Hawaii. In Sydney, our student went into the wine country as an assistant guide on daily tours. In Spain, we sent marketing students to work for a high-end food tour company. In Nepal, our students have hiked the Annapurna trail taking photos and blogging for a trekking company. In Cancun, our student promoted whale shark tours and accompanied clients on the boat.

Ecotourism internships are a great way to discover where your passions lie. These placements allow you to explore your passion while learning the business side of things. While, adventurous and cool, the companies we place you are still for-profit organizations.

Marketing upcoming trips is a key component to the internship. Hosts may use your knowledge of social media to reach out to possible clients. Connecting with local hotels to promote the company is another important job duty.

A highlight of the internship is the opportunity to learn from the guides. These are leading environmental and cultural educators who have a talent at sharing special places. Apprenticing alongside of them, you too will learn the ecology and history of a given place and share that gift with visitors.

When joining the tours, you will serve clients just as the paid staff. You may be asked to prepare gear needed for the trip and put it away once the excursion is finished. Arranging photos in a professional manner and creating thoughtful and well-written blog posts about your experience is an important contribution.

Job Duties

  1. Assist guides in the field
  2. Share ecology and history with visitors
  3. Online marketing
  4. In-town marketing
  5. Meet and greet guests
  6. Gear preparation and organization
  7. Airport/hotel pickup and delivery