• “I really liked seeing so many new places and being able to share my knowledge with others. I learned that inspiration comes from experiencing a wonderful place. And once you are inspired, it just feels natural to want to share it with others. When I graduate college I want to set up my own travel agency. This internship has shown me what it takes to run this kind of business. It was also cool speaking a foreign language to people in the workplace. It made me feel like all those years of study paid off.”

    - Carolyn M.
    Student, Winter 2017

Travel Consultancy

One of our favorite placements took place in Panama City, Panama at a travel agency. The student sent back pictures on the Panama Canal that became screenshots for our computers. A second fun placement involved lining up a student at the visitor’s bureau in Wellington, New Zealand. She had a chance to visit many of the locations she recommended to visitors and came away from the internship with more local knowledge than many who have spent a lifetime in the city.

More than most industries we work with, travel agencies and visitor centers know how to provide fast-paced, meaningful work. They are experts in handling people, and this shows in the way they lay out the day for their interns. After a week or two, you may find yourself handling the same job duties as the supervisor.

Interacting with the general public develops communication skills and a knack for handling difficult personalities. It’s a bootcamp for what may await you in the workforce and you will enter with a leg up on those who have yet to navigate the challenges of people pleasing.

Job Duties

  1. Conduct site visits
  2. Handle visitor questions
  3. Plan excursions
  4. Contact businesses
  5. Social media marketing