Special Needs Care

Are you compassionate and flexible during challenging situations?

This internship might be the perfect one for you! Provide care and operational support to people with special needs, such as mental and physical disabilities.

Gain practical experience in dealing with the special needs community. At the same time, make them feel empowered and knowledgeable about the basics of life, which we often take for granted.

While students of education, psychology, and social work are preferred, other backgrounds are encouraged to apply as well. 

Some of our internship opportunities focus on mental health interventions to promote parent and child attachment to enhance stability in the family, which is the basic social unit of society.

Work with babies up to young adults – share your own experiences to them and learn from theirs as well.

Engage in a cross-cultural learning exchange with the people you are working with and caring for, as you broaden your international network.


Program Highlights:

  1. Work with Mental Health consultant and be certified in research-based parent and child interaction assessment tools.
  2. Organize activities for the children and help the staff with the daily chores like cleaning, preparing the food, and feeding the children.
  3. Assist the teachers in preparing educational materials and completing required classroom paperwork.
  4. Foster independence and self-esteem with daily therapeutic sessions and disposition checks.
  5. Analyze parent-child attachment-based interventions and create reports on them.