Intern in a field that aims to build communities based on accessible justice, equality of opportunities, and mutual respect.

This is not just an opportunity to have a magnificent resume for your future career, but a great chance to touch lives and save communities.

Work for urban and rural communities in Afghanistan, Pakistan, USA, Japan, India, or Australia. We have prepared different internship opportunities for you.

Meet people with the same passions as you have, and see the world from a whole new perspective.

Hang out with the locals and enjoy tours in your country of choice during weekends.

There can also have a potential work placement for qualified interns just like you!


Program Highlights:

  1. Provide technical assistance to families to have access on social services like housing and legal services. 
  2. Plan community bonding activities, educational discussions, and livelihood programs. Spearhead fundraising events for the community like clinics, basketballs games, and camps.
  3. Work with the local government units and actively participate in inter-agency meetings.
  4. Share and teach your skills to the different members of the communities – fluency in English, writing stories, creating websites, or designing graphics.
  5. Maintain records and track progress of the organization’s current programs and projects. Also, suggest new programs that are geared towards community development!