Refugee Volunteer Support

Support the causes of our refugee brothers and sisters. Assist them to withstand crisis and rebuild their lives.

Work with different organizations to provide refugees a safe and welcoming environment. Also, provide emergency provisions for those experiencing trauma and facing hardships.

Complete a meaningful travelling and at the same time develop the practical knowledge necessary to excel in your future career.


Program Highlights:

  1. Select your host country, or do your internship virtually.
  2. Connect with other IGS interns and expand your global network.
  3. Use your digital skills in website development, graphic design, illustrating, and social media management, for these organizations to have wider reach.
  4. Work on the research side and policy analysis. Draft publications. Propose new legislations regarding refugees’ rights.
  5. Organize bonding events for staff and refugees alike; as well as fundraising activities in cooperation with the finance department.
  6. Provide one-to-one support to beneficiaries by assisting in the access of services, such as social, legal, and housing services.
  7. Maintain accurate and up-to-date documents and records on case works.