We work with both contract archeologists and university researchers.

Contract archaeologists are private firms hired by state and county governments, businesses, and land developers to survey and catalog potential building sites. Sites must be tested to determine if there are any culturally sensitive or important artifacts before building occurs. Religious artifacts as well as pre-historic and even historic items of interest must be catalogued before a decision is made to continue with the development. An internship with a contract archaeologist provides real world experience in both the business and cultural sides of archaeology.

University researchers have the expansion of knowledge as their primary goal. They are typically funded by the university or federal grants. Excavations tend to be more in depth and are in locations where there is the potential to increase our knowledge of a given culture in contrast with just being in the way of new development. Working with university researchers entails both field and lab work. This is a research intensive position that relies on all forms of research from the actual dig, to libraries, to collecting oral histories in the area.

Job Duties

  1. Catalog artifacts
  2. Assist archaeologists in the field
  3. Lay transects
  4. Attend client/staff meetings
  5. Research historical events
  6. Write reports
  7. Attend planning meetings
  8. Input findings into database
  9. Present historical research