• “Conducting research on shorebirds made for a fun internship. Each day I monitored a colony of nesting birds and took notes about different mating and behavior patterns. I worked with a scientist from the university who helped me analyze my data. I got to split time in the lab and field and see how science is done.”

    - Malcolm J.
    Student, Winter 2017

Bird Research

Bird conservation and study is close to the heart of IGS’s mission. With habitat destruction pushing more and more songbirds to threatened status, we hope to do our part to ensure the skies will be song-filled for years to come. Our avian internships have three different areas of interest:


Join leading conservation groups whose primary focus is to increase habitat and diversity for endangered bird populations. We work with groups that focus on both coastal as well as terrestrial birds. As such, you will have your choice on whether to focus on land or coastal areas. Bird conservation can be an incredibly rewarding field as you are in constant contact with the birds you want to help.


Join leading scientists in their study of birds. Help them unlock some of the many mysteries that birds have eluded our knowledge for years. Ornithology encompasses a wide range of topics from avian behavior to distribution patters. Research takes place both in the lab and in the field. Work alongside leading scientists and experts in their field to promote diversity and conservation through knowledge.


Assist a leading tour operator on daily and weekly bird watching expeditions and running the business side of the tour company. Assisting leading guides in the field is a great way to learn species diversity and behavior. We work with tour operators that focus on both terrestrial and aquatic birds. Working with a bird watching company likewise provides insight into how an eco tour company is run. Assist in the marketing aspects of the business and help update the website. This is a chance for a well-rounded immersion.


  1. Conduct original research
  2. Assist on conservation projects
  3. Restore native bird habitat
  4. Work with leading bird guides
  5. Help on marketing campaigns
  6. Catalog bird diversity
  7. Prepare materials for clients and the public