Climate Change Internship

Want a career that involves addressing climate change? Build your resume by having an internship abroad!

Today, we are facing a long-term change in the average weather patterns defining Earth’s local, regional, and global climates. These have far-reaching consequences that may or may not be reversible. This long-term change is known as climate change.

We, the Institute of Global Studies, admire younger generations with an intense passion for saving the environment. Hence, we would like to offer the best placements where they could learn more about their advocacy.

Work with people with the same passions as you do. Expand your global network too. Together, we can achieve a world with peace, less waste, and more environmental-friendly policies.


Program Highlights:

  1. Work for the legislative branch for the government. Conduct researches on global best practices and incorporate them on drafts of policies.
  2. Be involved in non-profit work and non-government associations fighting for the environment, by contributing your skills in writing web content, graphic design, or marketing.
  3. Be deployed in local government units and suggest programs that would help address climate change. Take advantage of grassroots leadership.
  4. Work with material recovery facilities and greenhouse farms and assist in the day-to-day operations.
  5. Immerse yourself in the rural communities and organize focus group discussions with community members and even student councils.