• “Working with young kids is really a passion of mine. I have worked at a number of camps as a counselor and have studied early childhood education. Working at a daycare in a different country is a great way to meet the community and learn how different governments regulate things. And the kids are kids just like anywhere so that is always fun. They gave me the freedom to use some of the skills I came into the job with and to run my own sessions with the kids. The facility was really clean and well-organized and my supervisor was a real professional.”

    - Alana E
    Student, Winter 2017

Environmental Education Center

Located in a lush tropical rainforest overlooking Honolulu is a very unique and well-respected Nature Center whose goal is to connect Hawaii’s children and adolescents to island nature in a hands on and tactile way. With a staff of professional educators, the Center features a wide range of activities that aids their goal to inspire appreciation through experience.

The Center hosts local classrooms as well as private parties visiting the area. The project pairs interns with Center staff members to serve as both Teacher’s Assistants as well as Lead Naturalists depending on the age of the groups that visit. This is a great opportunity to learn from leading educators the best ways to inspire and help visitors embrace the natural origin of the Aloha Spirit.

You have the opportunity to work both with educators in the office and in the field. The lush rainforest setting provides an inspiring backdrop to show up to work each day.


  1. Prepare exhibits
  2. Lead trail walks
  3. Interpret Native Hawaiian plants and animals
  4. Transport students
  5. Conduct stream species identification
  6. Conduct nature craft workshops
  7. Present on Native Hawaiians and the land
  8. Lead fieldtrips