Data Science/ Machine Learning

In today’s technology-advanced world, what is considered as the greatest resource is data. All industry needs data for decision making – from government, to healthcare, to construction, and to e-commerce, among others.

Yet, there are only a few data science professionals in the world. Hence, this is an awesome time to build your career path here.

The Institute for Global Studies recognize the need for honing the future generation in the emerging fields of data science and machine learning. In turn, these aspiring students will be entering a career with high value and competitive advantage.

For starters, Data Science is a field about processes to extract data from structured and semi-structured data; while Machine Learning is a field of study that allows computers to learn from data using techniques including regression and supervised clustering.

Have hands-on experience in data science and machine learning while meeting new people from all over the world.


Program Highlights:

  1. Start your in-depth expertise in deep learning (DL) and statistical machine learning (ML).
  2. Work with a team of professionals who are solving business problems for companies.
  3. Be a data science and machine learning engineer and contribute in the development of artificial science programs.
  4. Learn data crunching, data massage, and tuning of machine learning algorithms.
  5. Build innovative data and present results of analysis to senior managers and clients.