• “I came into the internship with a lot of background in studio engineering. Mostly I was self-taught. I wanted an internship in the studio to see if I can make a career. IGS set me up with a really cool company in a great part of town. Billy Joel and other top artists actually used the studio when I was there. I learned a lot and am going to use this for my future.”

    -Richard F.
    Student, Winter 2018

Sound Studio

Our last student in this field worked downtown Manhattan at one of the premier sound studies in New York. His main duties included setting up the studios for gigs and assisting the sound technician during recording sessions. He likewise helped in the main office to schedule recording artists. Finally, he worked with the marketing team to reach out to possible clients.

Another IGS student worked in downtown Sydney and rubbed shoulders with some of the top producers in the country. He worked on musical scores for commercials and documentaries. He recorded some of his own tracks while in the studio. He networked with local bands and got invites to live shows.

Sound studio work is a great way to break into the music industry and discover if you have the passion and ability to find your niche in this competitive industry. The skills you bring to the placement will determine your job duties. If you are still learning the software and industry, there is still work you can do with social media marketing and studio setup. You will be allowed to sit in on recording sessions and learn as you go.

If you bring a more complete tool kit, you can expect to do technical work and assist the manager.

Job duties

  1. Set up studio
  2. Test electronics
  3. Sit in on recording sessions
  4. Assist the sound engineer
  5. Digital marketing