• “I worked at a radio station in Sydney that focused on local artists and Aboriginal music in general. It was neat to see local singers and groups come into the station to promote their music. My job at the station was to help book the talent. So I reached out to the agents or singers themselves to schedule times to come in. I also helped coordinate events for the station. This required me to reach out to local businesses and people in the community which I liked. Watching how a radio show is put together was a valuable learning experience. There is a lot that goes into it and I got a chance to be part of it all.”

    -Alison R.
    Student, Winter 2018

Radio Broadcasting

Our students have served as on-air guest hosts and helped with marketing and booking guests among other duties. IGS has a long history of partnering with radio stations to help students discover the joys of the airways. This a great way to immerse yourself into local cultures. We work with both traditional and non-traditional stations. Some of our independent stations may feature local artists and under-represented communities. As such, there is a real opportunity to learn about the challenges people face through the lyrics of their songs.

The stations we use conduct on-air interviews with performers. Get an up close and personal view of what it takes to break into the local music scene. You will wear a lot of hats to help make a station thrive. Our students have helped with booking on air talent, event planning, digital marketing and updating social media pages. The feedback we have had is they really enjoy the staff.

Promoting the station is an important part of what an intern does. Using their knowledge of social media and learning on the job, you will help to create advertising dollars through outreach to local businesses. This may entail visiting local companies or reaching out to them via phone and email.

Event planning is another important aspect of station work. Setting up and manning a booth at a high-profile event is one-way to assist a station develop a local presence. Research events in the community and determine where the station’s advertising dollars are best spent.

Job Duties:

  1. On-air work
  2. Editing
  3. Writing
  4. Calling businesses
  5. Conducting interviews
  6. Event planning
  7. Photography
  8. Social media