• “The greatest part of working for the newspaper is how many articles I get to write. I submitted four pieces after only two weeks! It’s really fun to research topics in a foreign country and learn about the culture and what is important to people here. This is going to be amazing for my resume.”

    - Gabe M.
    Student, Winter 2018
  • “I enjoyed my time at The Hobson and learned a lot about community journalism. Seeing my work published in such a respected place made me proud of myself. I liked the balance of meeting with the editor some days and then going in the field to do my research. Writing about the community gave me a chance to see how political issues are handled in a different country. Also, having an assignment near the beach was really cool.”

    -Kendall B.
    Student, Winter 2018
  • “I was more interested in the marketing side of the newspaper. My job duties include expanding our publication into a new district in the city. This is fun work as I get to learn all kinds of new things about the area. Approaching businesses is real-life work. I see the results immediately when I get a sale and it’s a good feeling to succeed in the real world.”

    -Jack S.
    Student, Winter 2018

Community Newspaper

IGS students have written over 100 published articles in top newspapers around the world. They have covered sports in London and written film reviews in Sydney. In Auckland, they have interviewed members of the New Zealand parliament. In DC they have covered climate reform. In Mexico, they wrote features on cultural celebrations. Working at a community newspaper is one of the great learning experiences an intern can have. Click here to see some of their articles.

Interns have published up to ten articles over a six-week period. That is a great way to build a portfolio and boost your resume. In addition to storytelling, there may be a marketing component. You work with staff to promote the paper using a wide range of media platforms. Uploading content to social media, promoting Facebook pages, sending out “tweets” are all part of the marketing process. A couple of our interns were key in opening a new territory for a paper. They met with local businesses and negotiated rights to display the paper on the premises.

The beauty of community newspaper work is that it provides an in-depth look into a foreign culture from the inside out. You get to see the issues that are important to the city and its citizens.

Job Duties:

  1. Research
  2. Writing
  3. Editing
  4. Photography
  5. Interviewing
  6. Social media
  7. Marketing