Season of the loon David Adams

Season of the Loon took shape during my late 20’s when I meshed anthropological research for my dissertation with recollections of the wild, weird and wonderful characters I met during my explorations of the North Country. I covered more miles in my canoe those summers than in my car.

Camping with an Indian Pipe Holder, fending of a cabin-marauding red squirrel, and lobbying in Minnesota’s Hundred-Year’s War over federal lands are stopovers on one man’s search for wilderness. From a boyhood infatuation with motorboats to a pro-wilderness adult perspective, the author traces the evolution of wilderness as a personal perspective, with a colorful cast of Northland characters offering their opinions on nature. Season of the Loon is an honest look at competing perspectives and the subcultures that provide them.

“Brilliantly written, Season of the Loon celebrates the people and places that make the North Country unique. Rarely does one find such an important topic presented in such lucid prose. Adams’ training as an anthropologist allows him to probe into the heart of wilderness politics. He shows that “green” special interest groups come in a variety of shades. From a lobby effort on Capitol Hill to the dip of the canoe paddle on nameless lakes, Season of the Loon is a journey worth taking.”
~Troy Peden, President, GoAbroad.Com